Super Bowl LIII

At Broncos Europe, we all do football’s showpiece event differently. Some of us watch at home alone, some at home with friends, some in a bar with friends, fellow Broncos, and even randoms.

For those looking to enjoy the game with other passionate football fans, we have some suggestions that you should consider.

Some of the Broncos Europe crew at the Woolshed Baa & Grill in Dublin.

For those of you in Ireland, the place to be is our Dublin HQ, the Woolshed Baa & Grill — the #1 bar for NFL in Dublin.

Ideally located on Parnell Street in the city center, the Woolshed regularly hosts us during the regular season, is packed with TV screens, good booze and food, and great craic guaranteed.

Join us for great craic in Dublin!

For those of you in Great Britain, the place to be is in Manchester.

Our friends at Gridiron & Gravy will again be hosting the best Super Bowl bash at their wonderful HQ, the Brotherhood of Pursuits and Pastimes near Albert Square.

We love this bar so much that it has become our Manchester home and we are regulars at the Super Bowl, NFL Draft and Thanksgiving parties hosted by the Gravy gang.

There is an £8 cover charge for this event, but it is the largest and best Super Bowl party in the north of England.

In return, you get access to the Gravy gang’s exclusive party area, a welcome drink, free American-style snacks, great offers on food and booze all night that regular punters won’t have access to, and much more.

Broncos Europe’s Andrew Lewis at the Brotherhood, Manchester. Credit: Broncos Europe

With HD screens all around, a top-notch food menu, the Brotherhood’s legendary eating contest, and great banter, it’s always a fantastic night and well worth the price.

The Gridiron & Gravy Super Bowl party grows in attendance every year, so get your tickets while you can.

Tickets are on sale now through Gridiron & Gravy’s official ticket partner.

You know you want to!

Broncos Europe has secured a small number of tickets just for Broncos Europe members to make sure you get in.

Visit our Facebook Group* to find out how to guarantee your place at the best Super Bowl party east of the ATL. Raiders, Chiefs, Chargers, and Patriots fans need not apply.

* You must be a member of the group and be signed into Facebook to obtain the password.