We all know how much Alzheimer’s disease has impacted the Denver Broncos and Pat and Annabel Bowlen in particular.

It was fantastic to see the Broncos fans and team raise so much money for the Alzheimer’s Association during training camp.

And there’s another chance to raise even more when the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s event takes place in September.

Even when times are tough, we all get immense enjoyment from supporting and watching the Denver Broncos, and we get to do that because of Mr B’s vision for the team.

We’re sure many of you would love to do the walk and support the Bowlen family, and everyone affected by Alzheimer’s as well, but logistics prevent it, so this year our man Gareth Llewellyn is taking one for the team.

The big fella is going to represent Broncos Europe as part of Team Super Bowlen for the early-morning walk around City Park in Denver on Saturday September 15, 2018, and we’re making him document his efforts, so you can live vicariously wherever you are in the world.

We’re looking to raise as much money as we can for this very worthy cause, but we’ve set an initial goal of $100.

If you want to help Broncos Europe and Broncos Country support the Bowlen family and everyone in Colorado living with Alzheimer’s you can donate by clicking through the graphics at the top or bottom of this article.

Anything you can donate is very much appreciated. We’re not asking you to break the bank, even a $5 donation can make a difference, and that’s the cost of a coffee (or a pint, if you’re lucky), so get your wallets out and donate to a very worthy cause.

Everyone who makes their donation public through our Walk to End Alzheimer’s fundraising page will also receive a shoutout as part of our coverage of the event.