Broncos should trade for Russell Wilson

Broncos should trade for Russell Wilson
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The Denver Broncos should trade for Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson, according to Broncos Europe TV’s Michael McQuaid.

It’s not a particularly fresh take, but it would be a bold move by John Elway to snap up a genuinely elite NFL quarterback just weeks after the Broncos traded a 2019 fourth-round pick for Joe Flacco.

“If he’s available, go get Russell Wilson right now,” McQuaid said. “There’s a guy that guarantees the next five years for this team in regards to the quarterback position. A guy that’s going to help this offense while we still have that core on defense.

“What have we got to lose? Why not offer them Flacco? Maybe a first round this year, first round next year, or one of our more senior players? 

“Why not offer someone who’s been talking — or hinting — about leaving Denver: maybe Chris Harris Jr?

“I think we need to make the move now. Will Elway make that move? It’s anybody’s guess, but I’d love to be able to see something there.

While both are Super Bowl winners, 34-year-old Flacco has plenty of detractors from his time in Baltimore and lost his job in 2018 to a guy whose most significant weakness is throwing the ball.

Flacco has never been selected to the Pro Bowl but is a Super Bowl MVP. That was in 2012. Times have changed and his production has remained average at best.

Wilson, on the other hand, continually excites and mostly gets the job done given time and space to operate. There’s a reason why the 2012 third-round pick is a six-time Pro Bowler and went to back-to-back Super Bowls. His efficiency is impressive.

He can make up for offensive line deficiencies to some extent with his mobility and accuracy downfield. Certainly more than the quarterbacks the Broncos have rolled through in recent seasons, and certainly more than Flacco, who is a big-bodied quarterback.

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Wilson is waiting on the Seahawks to offer him a new deal, one that could make him the league’s highest-paid player, but it appears unlikely to meet the player’s deadline of April 15.

If the Seahawks don’t cough up the big bucks, Wilson would be an unrestricted free agent in 2020.

We could see a Kirk Cousins situation play out. The franchise tag is inevitable for such a valuable player, but with an underwhelming quarterback class in the 2019 NFL Draft next week, it’s understandable that quarterback-needy teams should be interested.

That includes the Broncos, despite Flacco having three years on his current deal which carried over from Baltimore, but Wilson’s suitors also include the New York Giants, who boast two first-round picks in this year’s draft and are actively looking for Eli Manning’s successor.

Factor in that Wilson’s wife reportedly wants to be in New York City more and that Wilson’s baseball career is now in New York with the Yankees, and the football Giants make a lot of sense.

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So the Broncos front office would have to move fast to bring Wilson to Denver to play football nine years after the Colorado Rockies selected him in the 2010 MLB Draft.

It would likely mean losing at least one player. As Benjamin Allbright noted, the Broncos could deal Flacco and Harris, as well as two first-round picks.

“Does John Elway have that managerial instinct to get Russell Wilson?” McQuaid later mused in his video.

“Because it would immediately give us that step up that we need to compete in the AFC West next season.

“This is arguably the Seahawks’ best player. A guy that has done so much for Seattle — won a Super Bowl and destroyed us, been to another Super Bowl. A player with tonnes of experience and is still in his prime compared to Joe Flacco.”

For now, the Broncos are content to roll with their fifth different starting quarterback in three seasons with Flacco at the helm. Drafting a quarterback of the future remains on the radar, something Elway has been woeful at during his career as general manager.

He passed up on drafting Wilson three times in 2012. After taking defensive end Derek Wolfe with the 36th overall pick, Elway took Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler with the 57th overall pick, then running back Ronnie Hillman with the 67th overall pick. Seattle took Wilson eight picks later.

Not drafting Wilson haunted the Broncos after Super Bowl XLVIII, not taking the chance to get him again could lead to future nightmares for Elway and the Broncos front office.

Broncos Europe TV’s Michael McQuaid makes the argument to bring Wilson to Denver
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