Cynthia Frelund Mock Draft

Cynthia Frelund Mock Draft

Broncos (10): Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama

This was a very interesting approach to the draft for the NFL Network’s analytics expert.

She has a complicated formula — which you can read about here — that dives into each draftee and places a numerical value on them, takes into account free agency signings, and puts a potential win-contribution metric on each player with each team.

It also factors in elements of coaching staff philosophies and opponents for 2019.

Then the player that yields the highest potential win total for each team is selected to that team. For the Broncos, this turned out to be Jonah Williams, the star offensive tackle out of Alabama.

Last month, Todd McShay also had Williams going to the Broncos in his mock, so we won’t dive into his background as much here.

In this mock, Frelund has Williams placed as at right tackle because her formula preferred Williams at that position to yield the highest potential win contribution.

What can we expect if Jonah Williams becomes a Bronco?

How does Williams fit with the Broncos?

As stated in previous mock reviews, Williams is a versatile tackle that can play both ends of the line.

For the Crimson tide, he started at right tackle before spending his final two years at left tackle when the Jacksonville Jaguars drafted Cam Robinson with the 34th overall pick in 2017.

Frelund has Williams at right tackle but acknowledges the Broncos just signed Ja’Wuan James during the offseason to play that position.

In this scenario, Williams would take the right tackle spot and play opposite Garett Bolles because the formula says that this combination gives Joe Flacco the best chance to succeed.

Either the formula thinks very lowly of James or highly of Bolles because most would say if the Broncos draft Williams he would take over Bolles’ spot at left tackle.

If Williams stays at right tackle then it doesn’t seem to make too much sense to draft him with James signing a $51 million contract with $32 million guaranteed just last month.

However, if Williams moves to left tackle, where he played most recently at Alabama, then this would be an immediate upgrade at the position and would help solidify the Broncos revamped O-line.

It would also mean John Elway admitting he whiffed on another first-round pick.

Who was still available?

As this draft is based solely on Frelund’s formula and did not take into account any known or speculated team interest there were a number of players that Broncos Country probably would have preferred over Williams.

One name that comes up after the Broncos’ pick is Kyler Murray, QB from Oklahoma. In most mocks, Kyler is going #1 overall to the Cardinals but here he drops all the way to the Miami Dolphins at 13.

Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins, the other top quarterback prospect, drops all the way to 32 when New England finally scoops him up.

Frelund does go into the second round with her mock and doesn’t leave Denver without a QB as they end up with former Mizzou QB Drew Lock.

Other players like Devin Bush, T.J. Hockenson, Ed Oliver, and Byron Murphy were also still there at 10.

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