Who should the Broncos take in the 2019 NFL Draft?

A new head coach, new offensive and defensive coordinators, and a renewed sense of urgency in the Mile High City means the Denver Broncos’ future rests on a successful 2019 NFL Draft class.

Do the Broncos risk taking a quarterback early in a weak class with several needs on defense?

With an ever-growing influx of mock drafts in recent weeks, we rounded up Broncos Europe contributors to give their thoughts on who the Denver Broncos should select with the 10th overall pick in the 2019 draft.

As with the expert draft analysts, we couldn’t reach a consensus either.

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Colum: We have to go all out to get Dwayne Haskins. The New York Jets at three are the most likely to be willing to trade and it won’t be cheap but we’ll go nowhere without a QB.

Kade: A defensive player such as Greedy Williams, Devin White, or Deandre Baker.

John Elway has a much better track record of drafting good defensive players than he does offensive and therefore should use their highest pick on one of the best defenders in the draft.

The Broncos have obvious needs at cornerback behind Chris Harris Jr. with how poorly Bradley Roby performed and the likelihood that Roby will leave in free agency.

So either Williams or Baker could come in right away and fill that spot to get the No Fly Zone back on track.

White is a beast of a linebacker. He is fast enough to keep up with running backs and probably most tight ends, can get to the QB, and seems to have a nose for the ball.

The Broncos wouldn’t need to trade up for one of these players and could even potentially trade down a few spots to pick up some more draft capital from another quarterback needy team wanting to move up.

Elway showed he could find starter-quality players in last year’s draft and he needs to do that again this year, so stockpiling more picks wouldn’t be the worst move if the player they want would still be available later in the first round.

Several mock drafts have the Broncos taking Missouri’s Drew Lock

Mark: Drew Lock is a raw talent and could be the future, so if he is there at 10, Elway may strike.

For years now, the Broncos haven’t had speed in the middle of the field, and LSU linebacker Devin White has that in abundance.

He can make big plays for the defense and maybe, just maybe, the Broncos could be able to cover a tight end for once.

Gareth: If the Broncos can strike a deal with the New York Jets that doesn’t mean selling the farm to see off other quarterback-needy teams, they should go after Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins. Not only is he the best quarterback in the 2019 class, but he’s the best fit for the West Coast offense.

If the asking price is too much, the best thing the Broncos can do is hold position at 10 and draft the best cornerback available to take over from Bradley Roby. The Broncos should hit on either Greedy Williams or Deandre Baker, but even Byron Murphy would be a great addition.

Devin White would be a nice pick at inside linebacker, especially if Brandon Marshall leaves, but cornerback has to be the priority.

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