Why should the Broncos roll with Keenum in 2019?

With mock drafts moving towards the Denver Broncos selecting a quarterback in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft despite a weak class, it could spell the end of Case Keenum’s short time in Denver.

Keenum took the Broncos to a 6-10 record in his maiden season in Denver in 2018 and is under contract for 2019, but with a new head coach and offensive coordinator, do the Broncos stick or twist?

We rounded up three Broncos Europe contributors to get their views on why the Broncos should stick with Keenum for one more year.

Kade: A completely new coaching staff could be exactly what Keenum needs to prove that 2017 wasn’t a fluke.

New offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello — hailed as a QB whisperer from his time in San Francisco — could be just the guy that can play to Keenum’s strengths as a passer.

Keenum was a leader in the locker room and is respected by his teammates enough to give him another shot.

He was consistently put in bad situations last year with poor play calling but that should change with Scangarello in charge of the offense.

Also, there isn’t a QB in this year’s draft that has “franchise quarterback” written all over them, and there are plenty of other holes the Broncos need to fill, so Keenum should be allowed to finish out his contract as the Broncos prepare for a more promising QB draft class in 2020.

Colum: Case Keenum comes across as a nice guy. He doesn’t lack for effort, he’s solid in front of the media, but he is not an NFL starting QB.

People say PFM wasn’t in 2015, but players loved Peyton and would run through walls for him.

Keenum doesn’t inspire the same reaction amongst teammates.

Mark: This may be a differing point of view, but Keenum can get it done in Denver. He’s a decent — not elite — QB who was let down by awful play calling, and not playing to his strength.

Injuries on the offensive side of the ball as well killed his chances of winning everyone around.

He definitely made lots of poor decisions but with this new coaching staff coming in, it will give him a new lease of life and hopefully he can go on to grab us a winning record next season.

We need to stick to his strengths of play action, and throwing outside the pocket.

His leadership is going to be key to helping the rookies and sophomores improve, and play their part in making the offense a weapon again.

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