Broncos should beat Browns but don’t count on it

Vance Joseph is still on the hot seat after another calamitous defeat

The Denver Broncos can return to .500 on Saturday with a win over Cleveland at Broncos Stadium at Mile High.

To do so, they must bounce back from another disappointing defeat that ended a three-game win streak and heaped more pressure on head coach Vance Joseph.

Injuries are starting to pile up for the Broncos and the season is quickly coming to an end.

Broncos Europe TV’s Colum Cronin gives his take on where the Broncos are at with three games left in the 2018 season.

Still annoyed, frustrated, dispirited after Sunday; it was just awful. Every bad aspect of the Vance Joseph era came back to haunt us, and we made the 2018 version of the San Francisco 49ers seem like the Joe Montana-era 49ers.

We’ve got the Cleveland Browns coming to town on Saturday and over the last few years that would have been a guaranteed win given how bad the Browns have been, but not this year.

They have improved greatly under rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield, and they made the correct decision to actually get rid of their head coach.

We, on the other hand, still have the three stooges in charge and with each week that goes by it’s more evident that the wins over the Los Angeles Chargers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, in particular, were in spite of Vance Joseph not because of Vance Joseph.

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I’m not filled with great confidence or hope as to the weekend.

The Browns are missing players, and it is at home in Denver, so you should be thinking this is a game the Broncos are going to win, but we were so flat against the 49ers it was really worrying, and we were awful on both sides of the football, so it’s really difficult to know what to expect.

I’m never going to cheer against the Broncos but, given that we’re extremely unlikely to make the playoffs at this point, I just want to see Vance go.

It has been an abject disaster. If you’ve seen my videos earlier in the season you’ll know my feelings on Vance.

But equally, if you saw my instant reaction when I was at the Steelers game you’ll know how happy I can be.

So it’s not like I like seeing the team lose but, under Vance Joseph, we have no identity, and occasionally we’ll win games here and there.

It’s not consistent; there’s no true foundation there, and I think until we get a new head coach that will be the case.

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For me, it’s time for him to go. Got to move on, got to find someone else to come in and build. There is real talent on that roster, that’s the infuriating thing.

With a decent head coach and proper play calling, and good in-game decisions, this team is capable of being a playoff team but they’ve been held back and that will continue to be the case.

But Go Broncos, with an asterisk.

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