Broncos Stadium sign doesn’t sit well with fans

The Denver Broncos unveiled their new temporary sign for Broncos Stadium at Mile High. The fans reaction to the new sign has been underwhelming to angry.

The best way to describe the look of the new sign is CHEAP, as it’s a banner that has a very generic design on it.

Brandon Perna of That’s Good Broncos breaks down why fans have a right to be upset after dealing with Invesco Field and Sports Authority Field, only to have a cheap tablecloth replace their signs.

Who is to blame here: John Elway, Joe Ellis, Jason Elam? Who knows, all we in Broncos Country know for sure is, whoever gave the okay on the new Broncos Stadium sign did it to pinch pennies.

Sure, it won’t affect how well quarterback Case Keenum plays, or how many sacks Von Miller and Bradley Chubb collect, but it will make us look lazier than the Los Angeles Chargers, who don’t even have a home, the Kansas City Chiefs who have a stadium older than time, and even the Oakland Raiders who put tarps over a third of their seats so you don’t realize how many people are not watching their team.


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