Five reasons why the new NFL Game Pass sucks 

The NFL have relaunched Game Pass and people aren’t happy. From payment issues to a lack of features, Broncos Europe looks at the issues faced with the relaunch.

1. No search 

Game Pass was GREAT for tape study. Open the app, type in the players name and off you go, an unlimited resource to see every snap a player was on the field, no more.   


2. The UI makes no sense    

The concept is fine. You swipe from left to right to access different panels in which the content is sorted. This paradigm has became increasingly popular due to apps like snapchat. The app also features a “hamburger menu” which confusingly simply duplicates this functionality. Why? What purpose does it serve? It’s simply lazy.


3. No All 22 Coaches film

Maybe this doesn’t apply for everyone but All 22 is a fantastic way to rewatch a game. Whether it’s for analysis for a fledgling writing career, your fantasy football team or because you’re simply a super fan there is no better way to watch a game.


4. No offline viewing

Work Monday morning? Damn. We can’t always stay up till the early hours of the morning to catch primetime games, however one of the best features was the ability to download a game for offline viewing as a full “broadcast” or condensed into a 30-40 minute video; perfect for your morning commute. Well you’re banged.


5. You can’t even read what’s on the freaking screen       

I mean come on! Between the skinny font and the background images. Did anyone actually try the app before it was pushed out?


The relaunch has been a disaster for all the reasons I’ve listed and many more. From major problems with subscription renewals, complaints with customer service, a lack of awareness with the issues and even issues streaming the games. Let’s hope it’s back on track before week 1.

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