Broncos Europe at #BroncosCamp Day 1 – Best of Social Media

For the first day of #BroncosCamp, Broncos Europe had live coverage throughout the day. You can see how the day went by clicking here.

We encouraged all of #BroncosCountry who visited #BroncosCamp to use the hashtag #BroncosEurope in each tweet for the chance to appear in our live tweets. Many fans obliged and this was our busiest ever day since launch.

Here is a selection of some great tweets from day 1 of #BroncosCamp:


A huge THANK YOU for all of those who took part. You can take part throughout every day of #BroncosCamp!

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Ben is one of Broncos Europe's website contributors, based in Leeds, England. When not watching the Broncos, he can be found watching soccer, or in the bookies trying to land his next big pay day.

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